Gov. Ron DeSantis Calls Out Media Bias Over ‘Florida’s Devastating and Tragic Measles Outbreak’

Gov. Ron DeSantis Calls Out Media Bias Over ‘Florida’s Devastating and Tragic Measles Outbreak’

Ron DeSantis is trending on X today, and that’s because he’s racking up a lot of wins, which we’ll get to. But first, let’s travel back a couple of weeks to the reporting on a measles outbreak in Florida schools. “In Broward County, Fla., six students at a single elementary school recently became infected with measles,” reported the Washington Post. “Two more cases of the highly infectious virus have been reported in the county.”

The Washington Post published an opinion piece by former Planned Parenthood head Dr. Leanna Wen called, “Florida’s measles outbreak is a devastating — and preventable — tragedy.” Fewer than 10 kids in the state came down with measles, and none of them died, despite it being called a “devastating tragedy.”

Meanwhile, in a shelter for illegal immigrants in Chicago:

So there are 30+ cases of measles tied to an illegal immigrant shelter in Chicago but I haven’t seen the same news coverage about this as the < 10 cases in Florida last month….

— Brittany (@thebrittanyjea) March 27, 2024

Gee, I wonder why?

— Ron DeSantis (@RonDeSantis) March 27, 2024

President Biden was going to use OSHA to fire employees who didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine, but he’s letting 8 million illegal immigrants over the border with no vaccination history.

— Florida Politics (@Fla_Pol) March 27, 2024


Yes, because Floridians are all crazy anti-vaxxers, led by the science-denying Gov. Ron DeSantis. How many stories did we see about the COVID death toll in Florida vs. New York or any other state?

Not ‘alleges’ — it happened. The media smeared Florida, and yet measles incidents in the state quickly subsided and were far fewer in number than the outbreak in the Chicago illegal immigrant shelter. But that, of course, gets 🦗.

— Bryan Griffin (@BryanDGriffin) March 27, 2024

“Florida is swamped by disease outbreaks.” It’s a devastating tragedy.

They don’t care that they’re always provably wrong. Their credibility is already shot. Their audience wants to be deceived.

— Sperglord (@Dore2Dore97) March 27, 2024

The bias is not alleged. It occurred. It’s obvious.

— pearcort (@pearcort) March 27, 2024

Illinois was more focused on making sure illegal immigrants get to carry guns.

— Moral Authority Complex (@EhOHSeeLogic) March 27, 2024

It’s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.

— Steve Johnson (@WisdomWheels83) March 27, 2024

Keep posting things the media won’t, please.

— Lynell J Ross (@WellCoachLynell) March 27, 2024

But DeSantis didn’t have a mask mandate that didn’t work anyway and his opponents are saying the state encourages people not to get vaccinated, which isn’t true, obviously. Florida is sure put under the microscope.


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