Florida Rep Brian Mast SHUTS DOWN Code Pink Rabble Rousers

Florida Rep Brian Mast SHUTS DOWN Code Pink Rabble Rousers

Florida Representative Brian Mast isn’t a big fan of terrorists, and for good reason. In September of 2010, while serving as a combat engineer in the 28th Ordinance Company, Mast stepped on an IED while clearing a path for US Army Rangers in Kandahar. Thankfully he survived the ordeal, but at the cost of both of his legs as well as his left index finger. So if anyone has reason to have strong feelings towards terrorists, it’s gotta be Brian Mast… and he isn’t shy about letting people know it, as can be seen from this video that he put out on Twitter:

Hey @CodePink, do you know where we stand with terrorists? We stand on their throats. pic.twitter.com/4WBQ6xi70K

— Rep. Brian Mast (@RepBrianMast) March 8, 2024

There isn’t much subtlety in that! Not that Code Pink wackos are really worth being subtle with, they’re as a group not the most reasonable folk, but it’s nice to see someone cut straight to the point on this.

Sticking it to the pro-Hamas agitators! Well done!

— Rebecca Downs🇺🇸🟦🇮🇱 (@RebeccaRoseGold) March 8, 2024

Okay, this is the coolest comeback I’ve heard in my life!

— Uri Kurlianchik (@VerminusM) March 8, 2024

Useful idiots that are enamored by terrorist groups who co-opt Western organizations like this group to do their bidding. Unreal, upside down world we live in.

— Joe Truzman (@JoeTruzman) March 8, 2024

As with so many things the left accuses the right of, it’s hard to argue that while they sling accusations of Republicans having been coopted by America’s enemies time and time again we see leftist agitation groups being used as mouthpieces for propaganda for the sworn enemies of America and its allies. This is a truth truth that’s been true for as long as the modern left has existed, going all the way back to their enthusiastic support of Soviet Russia and even Communist China through much of the 20th century.


The lefts love affair with America’s enemies is a long and storied one.

👏🏻🙌👏🏻🙌 you wiped the floor with this pink cloth.

— Anama 🇺🇸🇮🇱 (@KdDvilnasky) March 8, 2024

“You know where we stand on terrorists?

We stand on their throats!”

That’s a gem 🤣🤣

(And very simple logic that the pink ladies cannot grasp.)

— HorizonTradings (@HorizonTradings) March 8, 2024

Code Pink is a joke to normal women. And she looks like every liberal women

— SeldenGADawgs (@SeldenGADawgs) March 8, 2024

You could do worse than this lady if you’re asked to describe the Platonic Ideal of ‘Code Pink member’.

This is Code Pink on trip to Iran 2019. They didn’t dare protest and instead lent comfort to our enemies. They are phonies. https://t.co/FDCnJAQuBu https://t.co/AmTVuyKs2c pic.twitter.com/HWidH3TgMW

— William A. Jacobson (@wajacobson) March 9, 2024

Straight. Into. My. Veins. https://t.co/MphSqZptUi

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) March 9, 2024

More of this.

Don’t kowtow to terrorists, their simps, apologists, or other useful idiots. https://t.co/z0TjgpuUuu

— CathoCop (@CathoCop) March 9, 2024

Trying to get along with these people is impossible, because at the end of the day America and its allies are always going to be the bad guys to them. It’s certainly possible to be a liberal Democrat and love America, there are many that do. But groups like Code Pink aren’t liberal Democrats, groups like Code Pink are explicitly anti-American in outlook, and won’t be happy until America ‘pays’ for whatever past sins they believe we’ve committed. 

Brian Mast clearly understand this and acts accordingly. Bravo, sir!


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